Vote for Project of the Week: Will It Be ‘Devil’s Horse, ‘Thorn,’ ‘Brown Girl in the Ring: The Prequel’ or ‘On the Back of a Tiger’?

The winning filmmaker will become a candidate for August Project of the Month. That winner will be in the running for Project of the Year.

The four projects up for this week’s Project of the Week are listed below (with descriptions courtesy of the filmmakers). You can vote at the bottom of the page.Devil’s Horse: A man is forced to face his divorce when he encounters a mythical beast and is the victim of a shocking act of violence.

Thorn: A desperate survivor struggles to make her way through a forest infested with alien flora, when she encounters a strange young girl…

Brown Girl in the Ring: The Prequel: Ti-Jeanne must obey her caribbean spirit protector or someone in this urban futuristic ghetto will die.

On the Back of a Tiger: The workings of life revised: Pioneering scientists & health-seekers challenge our understanding of disease, aging and consciousness.

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